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Hisense distinguished with a European Quality Trademark Certification


Hisense has proudly secured the European Quality Trademark (EQTM) certification for its innovative and reliable home appliances. The recognition encompasses a range of products, including ovens, free-standing cookers, hobs, dishwashers, and washing machines. The EQTM certification requirements do not refer only to the product, but to the entire business operations, which underscores Hisense's dedication to delivering customer-centric solutions and paving a path of innovation within the industry.

The European Organization for Quality (EOQ), established in 1956, is an autonomous and non-profit association that acts as a promoter of quality principles. Its influence extends beyond geographical boundaries, encompassing a diverse network of experts and companies from European nations and beyond. With a membership exceeding 22,000 individuals and 8,000 legal entities, EOQ serves as a central hub for fostering quality standards and best practices. Through its initiatives, EOQ contributes significantly to the advancement of quality across various sectors, playing a crucial role in shaping European society.

The purpose of the new quality mark, the European Quality Trademark (EQTM) launched by the EOQ is to offer a much better evaluation of both product quality and business performance. The EQTM certification proves that products meet severe standards of quality and safety, while also taking into account environmental and social factors. It symbolizes an exceptional level of distinction attained by companies that consistently prioritize excellence in their products, services, and operational processes. Undergoing a rigorous evaluation by the EOQ, Hisense demonstrated outstanding management systems, production and service procedures, as well as remarkable customer satisfaction levels.