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What TV should you buy?


From ULED, OLED and QLED to laser TV, buying a TV set nowadays has become more of a master’s degree thesis than a simple purchase. Gone are the days when you simply went to the electronics store and bought a TV. Now you can find a TV completely tailored to your needs.

Today’s thin-screen TVs, equipped with sophisticated technological innovations, display the darkest hues of black, the brightest colours and the sharpest images even in action packed movies or sports scenes. But what kind of TV is the best? It depends on what your primary focus is. Are you looking for a home theatre for long movie marathons, a TV to watch sports events with friends or maybe a quick responsive screen for your video games? Read on and find out which TV should you buy in 2022.

For comfortable family movie nights (or mornings)

If you love movies, you absolutely need the cinema experience at your home. Imagine a big screen, immersive viewing and no reflection from surrounding windows, lamps, or device lights. Sounds perfect, right? The closest you will get to the cinema feel is with a laser TV. Laser TVs, like the Hisense UltraShort Throw Trichroma Laser TV, project triple colours and bright images on the screen in 4K resolution with the advantage of not being affected by the ambient light. Forget about the reflection of a bright sunny day from the window or the cabinet lamp glare hovering over half of the screen. With 4K TriChroma laser technology you will always get sharp pictures with amazing colours and uniform brightness. No matter where in the room you sit.


For football fans

Big Screen OLED Tv

Watching sports at home require a TV that can follow quick and action-packed scenes without losing on quality. Fast response time is crucial, and that is when OLED TVs shine the brightest. OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TVs have millions of self-lighting pixels that can change colour or turn off individually, without the need of backlighting (like for example in LED TVs). This means that the pixels function faster, almost instantaneously. This results in displaying less motion blur when watching sports or action scenes. So, gather your friends around the new Hisense OLED A85 TV and cheer for your favourite team at the UEFA Champions League finals or shout at the referee during the most thrilling NBA plays. And since OLED pixels emit light in all directions, the whole viewing experience will see perfect crisp colours on the screen. Even the ones who arrive late and have to sit at an awkward angle. This TV provides a full HDR solution. UHD Premium certification shows more vibrant colours you see in real life and is equipped with the most updated Dolby Vision IQ technology and HDR 10+ Adaptive, transforming your TV experience with brighter, more accurate scenes. Sport fans can add features such as 120 Hz Ultra Motion and Sport mode to enhance the watching experience for fluid and detailed scene-to-scene images.

For the best gaming experience

ULED With Game Mode Pro

Every gamer knows that the key to success in fast-paced games is fast connection and great responsive screen. When looking for a TV that can keep up with your first-person shooters and racing games, opt for a device with quick response time, like the Hisense ULED U7H TV. The outstanding ULED technology will bring bright colours to life with amazing sharpness and no halo effect. And with Game mode Pro on you will be able to optimize input lag and response time for a clear and smoothly running picture without delays. Simply dive in and enjoy the life-like experience of any game.


For binge-watching your favourite TV shows in bed


Bedroom TVs have become a staple in modern homes. Usually not the biggest or fanciest TVs in the house, but sure they come in handy for a cosy lazy weekend in bed. Ready to start your favourite show from episode one? For a smooth and hassle-free experience choose a Smart TV with integrated operating system that remembers and predicts your viewing preferences. VIDAA smart operating system, for example, has all the main video services already incorporated, so you can watch Netflix, Youtube, Prime Video and many more with just one click. If you are a fan of horror or dark movies, we advise an OLED TV, as it portrays the darkest black hues in a sharp and crisp way. While for the brightest and richest colours opt for an ULED, mini-LED or QLED TV, which also work best in brighter environments.