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New collection of spring-cleaning tips: laundry room edition


Are you ready to get rid of the coats and wool sweaters and bring in the lighter items that will expose your skin to the warmth of the spring sun? Before you do, don’t forget to give a makeover to your appliances as well. This way they can take care of even the most delicate items and give your clothes a wash and drying they deserve.


The most efficient washing machine is the one kept clean

Bad smells in the washing machine are usually caused by dirt build-up, bacteria, and dirty water residue in your appliance. Wash after wash, a small amount of dirt gets caught in the drum and other parts of the washing machine. Over time, bacteria develop and start to smell. Especially if you keep the door of the washing machine closed all the time, trapping all extra humidity inside.

Here is the best way to remove bacteria, limescale from hard water and funky smell from your washing machine. Pour 1 litre of white vinegar and 1 cup of baking soda directly into the drum, turn the setting of your washing machine to the highest temperature (90 °C – 95 °C) and run the longest cycle. No need to remember all settings if you have a [insert hyperlink to your WM range]  – just select the Drum Clean function and you are ready to go! 

After the washing machine is done with self-cleaning, open the door and continue with a quick manual wipe down. Use a solution of 1 part vinegar, 2 parts water, damp a clean microfibre cloth and wipe the inside of the drum, the door and especially under the rubber seal around the door of your washing machine. Leave the door open and let dry completely. Also remove the detergent tray, rinse it under water to wash away any residue and put it back in place.

Since you are in full spring-cleaning mode, take a few additional minutes to clean the filter of your washing machine. Locate the small door of the filter (usually on the lower front of your) and open it. Place a tray under the door and empty residual water using the small pipe inside. Then unscrew the cap and remove the filter. Clean the dirt from the filter and check if there is any small object in the filter area. Small bobby pins, buttons, coins and other objects get trapped here. Remove them, wipe dust and dirt residue with a cloth and re-insert the filter. For additional information check also our previous blog post: Clean washing machine for clean laundry - Hisense


A clean dryer for an odourless attire

Sometimes bad smells come from the dryer. Same as with the washing machine, the main cause is trapped bacteria and humidity. Use the same cleaning solution (1 part vinegar, 2 parts water) and wipe the inside of the dryer drum, door and around the filter. Let completely dry. 

On your you can additionally run the Cotton programme with an empty drum. This will dry out the machine and quickly remove the vinegar smell.

Do not forget to clean the tumble dryer filter regularly. On your Hisense dryer it is conveniently placed on the door, so it is easy to reach and remove. Simply wash the filter under running water after every load to get rid of lint and dust, collected during drying. 

Get a machine with a proper steam

Bacteria can be trapped deep into the fabrics. If your laundry smells bad (or you just want a quick refresh on some not so fresh clothes) run an Extra Hygiene Steam Wash. The powerful steam technology in your will remove bacteria causing bad odours, making your clothes extra clean, fresh and soft. Bonus benefit – even ironing will be easier. You can also run a quick 30-minute Air Refresh in your, however for sturdy smells, we recommend a more intensive steam wash.