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Need a new TV? Enjoy in cinematic experience with Laser TV


While watching your favorite movies, series and shows you might have guessed your old TV just doesn’t fulfill your expectations. It’s time for a new television experience and when it comes to choosing the best, laser TV is your winner. Why? Because laser TVs are considered to be the highest quality and most prestigious on the market. With their cutting edge technology they instantly transform your living room into the first home cinema.


To help you get to know the technology and all the features it brings we will walk you through the key benefits that are completely changing the television experience in 21st century.

Prepare to be amazed by stunning images

Laser TV comes with 4K Ultra HD Picture Quality. Imagine resolution of 8.3 million pixels, that’s 4X more than traditional Full HD, which brings you a razor-sharp, stunningly realistic picture with beautifully natural motion and incredible detail, which really sets the standard for quality and clarity. The image is brighter, sharper and displayed in real, vibrant and natural colors.

Perfect for every room, every moment of the day

Laser TV is a modern designed wide-angle laser projector that can be easily placed on a table or in front of a drawer, from where it can project the image from ultra-short distances on a light and thin 120-inch, 100-inch or 80-inch screen. When viewing, you do not need to darken the room at all, because the screen is not sensitive to ambient light.

Cinematic experience in your home

Incredible picture experience of the laser TV is upgraded by its own DOLBY ATMOS® technology. Due to the high-quality sounds coming from all the sides, you can enjoy in a truly amazing cinematic experience as the sounds fill the space with incredible depth and clarity, just like in real life. You get the feeling that you are in a movie, series, at the concert or at the football match. Don’t worry about the time or any limits, as laser TV is also extremely durable, providing you and your family more than 25,000 hours of trouble-free performance and entertainment.

Eyes-friendly technology

Despite spending a few hours in front of the television, you do not have to worry about the health of our eyes. Laser TV does not emit the light directly towards you, but passively on the screen, low blue light emission, protecting your eyes. Furthermore the screen does not require electricity for operation and thus does not generate electromagnetic radiation.

Meet the Hisense Laser TV

Hisense is considered the pioneer in development of the laser Tvs and holds a leading position until today. The Hisense 4K UHD Smart Laser TV with X-Fusion™ Technology and Wide Color Gamut displays a cinema-like picture full of rich and vibrant colors. Every seat in your house becomes the best seat. In addition to watching television, your Hisense Laser TV enables you also to browse through numerous built-in apps, such as Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video and more.
Hisense Smart TVs with VIDAA operational system offer instant, personalized and intuitive access to your favourite series and apps. Driven by high tech and smart design this content hob is always following what you like and generating it especially for you. Its all about tailoring the content to your liking. Essentially it is all about you. Check out the offer and choose your hero here.