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Join the revolution with Hisense Laser TV


Let's face it. TV has become an integral part of our lives. Love it or hate it, you probably have one (or more) in your home right now. However, the way we use it has changed so much in the past few decades. We have come so far from the big old school CRT TV box from the 90's that some may even say it is not TV anymore. Thanks to technology screens have become progressively bigger, sound and picture got far more immersive and new streaming services have completely redefined TV content.


Welcome to the new era

Hisense took the new wave of TV consumption and made it even more exciting and accessible. We all love high quality, high resolution big screen experiences. This is where the new Laser TV revolution comes into play.Yes, some may argue, that a projector and a screen is not a TV. But finally, what it comes down to, is the experience. When you sit in front of a Hisense Laser TV, you feel like you are watching TV. The technology is different, but the experience is the same, or even better.

Does Laser TV meet the criteria of TV?

The charm of TV is that it has everything you need included in one purchase. You take it out of the box, and it works. Well, Hisense Laser TV, is just like that. You mount the screen; place the Ultrashort Throw Laser projector underneath and you are all set. At least almost. You might break a sweat then installing it, but trust us, it’s worth it. Hisense Laser TV has front-firing speakers built-in with high-definition Dolby Atmos technology, a built-in TV tuner for regular broadcast and access to a Smart TV interface to keep up with all your favourite streaming services. Beside the small technicality that the projector is detached from the screen, all key criteria of a TV are there.

It is a Laser but also a TV!

The Hisense Laser TV, comes with a 100'' or 120'' Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) screen that already looks like an ultra-thin TV on its own. The ALR screen is designed to accept light from a specific direction (in this case down below) and reflect it straight out, away from itself. This kind of technology makes for a perfect TV setting, as there is no need for a dark room to get full colour high-definition picture quality. Light from any other direction, for example room lighting, windows etc., gets minimized and toned down by the screen. In return, the TriChroma laser technology with 3.000 lumen brightness takes vivid colours to a completely new level, resulting in sharp, exciting picture quality, unaffected by outside environment.



Should you join the Laser TV hype?

In short - YES. But especially if you are looking for:

- a high-quality big screen TV
- a true cinema experience in every environment (even rooms with lots of windows and extensive ambient lighting),
- the perfect setting to enjoy 4K streaming content,
- no hassle of transporting a big screen (the Laser TV screen is easily assembled at home),
- more eye friendly TV (image on the screen is reflective instead of directly projected towards your eyes).

Hisense is setting the standard of Laser TV, being an innovator and market leader. If you are interested in the newest Laser TV technology, explore our Hisense Laser TV range.