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Get your spring/summer 2021 collection ready


As the days are getting longer, temperatures warmer and the sun shines brighter it is starting to feel like spring is just around the corner, literally and figuratively. Therefore, we can finally start putting our heavy and warm winter clothes away and bringing in lighter items. To help you switch, we have prepared some tips that will make it easier for you to organize your wardrobe.


Take care of your winter clothes

Before bringing in the new, you have to make space by taking out the old. Make sure you wash your winter clothes before storing them, so that they will remain in good condition. Take care of your coats and other items that can lose shape by hanging them, and nicely fold knits and other items that can stretch. Put your clothes in airtight boxes or vacuum bags (which are a great option especially if you do not have enough space) and store your items in a in a place that is cool, clean, dry, and dark. Do not forget that spring can still surprise us with colder nights or temperature drops, so make sure you do not lock away all your warmer clothes.

Make your clothes stand out by cleaning your closet

This is the perfect opportunity to clean your closet. This will allow your clothes to stay clean and spark. Get in those shelves and drawers and do not miss a single dirty corner – wardrobe usually does not get cleaned regularly so, when you do clean it, make it count. While you are at it, you can make some upgrades as well, like adding some LED lights that will present your clothes even more beautifully.

Get rid of things you do not need

Make an overview of what you have and what you actually wear. Go through your clothes and declutter your closet by eliminating things you do not need. If the items you are eliminating are still in good shape organize a swap party with your friends or donate them to a charity.

Make a (mental) list of what you have

This will help you with a better overview of what you need (or maybe even more importantly do not need) and help you when putting together an outfit. When going through your clothes try to remember your favourite combos and create some new ones. This will help you save time when you are getting ready in a hurry.


Organize your closet

To get ready faster, you can organize the drawers in order that you get dressed. This means underwear in top drawers, and then bottoms and tops. Keep the items you wear the most in front and on top of things you do not wear as often. Hang delicate items and things that wrinkle easily and organize them by colour. Not only will this help you with getting ready, but it will also get you one step closer to that beautiful Instagram-worthy closet. If you want to save some space, store cotton or polyester items, that do not wrinkle rolled up. For a better overview and space management get some drawer dividers or hanging organisers that will take advantage of the vertical space. Lastly, when everything has its designated place, make sure you keep it that way. It is way easier to keep your closet tidy by putting things where they belong than trying to regain order after not following the rules.

Let the sunshine in with brighter colours

Winter clothes tend to be more toned down and darker, while lighter clothes are usually colourful and bright. Take care of their colour by using the right detergent, which will prevent them from fading and make sure you wash together only clothes with similar colour palette. And of course the right washing machine – Hisense seems about right.