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The best recipe to make kitchen spring cleaning easier


Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be a ritual! With it you can turn a new page and welcome that warm spring sunlight through the clean windows and onto the surfaces of your freshly cleaned home. However, with all the kitchenware, surfaces, appliances, and other items hiding grease or food residue, cleaning the kitchen might feel like we have quite literally a lot on our plate. So we are here to give you a helping hand with simple tricks, that will make it all easier.


Regular cleaning results in easier spring cleaning

Regular cleaning is necessary for a healthy home and a healthy life in it. But it is also the first step to easier spring cleaning as many stains can get harder to clean through time and can leave permanent damage. Besides it is also a great way to keep your kitchen decluttered and free from expired or badly stored food as well as the smells and health hazards that can come with it.

Self-cleaning appliances are your best friend

Plan ahead and get self-cleaning kitchen appliances. They work like a charm and save you plenty of time and energy to focus on other tasks in your spring-cleaning routine. 

When it comes to ovens, there is nothing better than pyrolytic self-cleaning. This special function, included in a wide range of Hisense built-in ovens, makes oven cleaning effortless, as it uses extremely high heat (500 °C) to eliminate stubborn burnt grease and other grime. After running the function, you simply wipe away the debris with a damp cloth. No manic scrubbing needed.


Another great investment is a self-cleaning dishwasher. Look for the Self-Clean or Hygiene function on the newest Hisense dishwashers. Running these functions regularly will keep bacteria and dirt build up at bay, meaning you will not have to think about it during spring cleaning. And don’t forget about a Total No Frost Hisense fridge or freezer. With no ice build-up in the appliance, it is straight away another check on your to-do list with practically no work.

Fast clean your microwave oven

Have you ever opened the microwave oven only to discover splatters and spills reminiscent of a Jackson Pollock painting? While you can’t use aggressive degreasing solutions in the microwave, give it little love with a simple yet effective microwave steam bath:

  1. Pour 2/3 of water and 1/3 of white vinegar in a microwave safe mug. 
  2. Run the microwave for 4 to 5 minutes. Leave the door closed for another minute or two. Let the vinegar steam do its magic. 
  3. Open the door, remove the mug, and simply wipe down all surfaces with a clean microfibre cloth
  4. Repeat the whole process if there is any stubborn grime left.

The best way to clean greasy kitchen hood filters

Kitchen hoods keep the air clean while cooking, but frequently we forget to keep them clean. Take a look at the Hisense hood – it is designed to thoroughly filter the air, keeping steam, odours, heat and smoke at bay. All the debris from the air gets trapped in the filter. No question it gets super greasy and sticky over time, but you don’t heed to replace them just jet. 

Here is our favourite method to clean dirty hood filters:

  1. Fill a big bucket with boiling hot water. Add a cup of baking soda and some dish soap.
  2. Remove the filters from the hood and soak them for about 10 to 30 minutes. If the filters are not completely submerged, turn them around and repeat the soaking on the other side. 
  3. Scrub the filters with a soft brush. Be careful not to damage the filter.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with running water and let them dry completely. Then place the clean filters back on the kitchen hood.

Finally, don’t forget to do a complete wipe-down of all appliances and surfaces in the kitchen. Clean the sticky film created by steam, grease, and dust during all those winter cooking days. Use your favourite degreaser, cleaning alcohol or a mixture of fragrant cleaning vinegar and water. Take special care of all handles, knobs and all the places you can’t avoid touching or that are prone to getting spilled on.