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The fridge matchmaker: what type of refrigerator is best for you?


Let’s say it – today a fridge is not just a fridge. The choice can be overwhelming. How much space you need, how much space you have, and the layout of your kitchen are all factors to consider when it comes to size. But the most important decision is based on your lifestyle.

Do you cook a lot at home and enjoy fresh produce? Or do you need a fridge just to store takeout leftovers and the random bottle of coke? Do you shop groceries in bulk? Check out our refrigerator guide and find the perfect match for you.


Double door refrigerators shine in big spacious kitchens

If you have the space, double door refrigerators offer the best storage options and technology for your kitchen. Usually they are a bit wider (90 cm or more) but offer so much space and adaptability that are worth taking up more of your kitchen layout.

A side-by-side refrigerator, also known as American style, is perfect for large families that buy groceries in bulk. This style, like the Hisense PureFlat has the fridge and freezer compartment standing side by side behind separate doors. If you rely on frozen food for your cooking (or have your mom’s special lasagne ready to be thawed), the bigger freezer space of side-by-side fridge is what you should be looking for.


Cross door refrigerators are more adaptable. With Triple Zone Cooling you can easily convert a part of the freezer compartment to a fridge in no time. It has three different compartments with flexible temperatures - fridge, freezer, and My Fresh Choice section, each with their own controls. Look at the Hisense PureFlat. You can use the My Fresh Choice zone as a fridge for storing fresh seasonal produce in spring and summer, then convert it to freezer for the low season. It also comes in handy when you need more freezer space to cool down a cake or store homemade ice-cream, so it is perfect for anybody who likes to cook and experiment in the kitchen.

French door refrigerators are very popular as they offer a double door fridge compartment and a pull-out freezer drawer on the bottom. They are a great choice for people who often entertain at home as the wide fridge compartment can hold big casserole dishes and charcuterie platters. The Hisense PureFlat also comes with a My Fresh Choice drawer so you can adapt it to your needs. Have less space but still want a double door fridge? This Hisense fridge-freezer is just above 70 cm wide, but with an amazing 2 m height it offers just as much space as a regular French door fridge.

Refrigerators that fit perfectly in every kitchen

The most standard types of refrigerators are single door fridges. With standard dimensions they are easy to combine with other kitchen elements. They may not be as advanced as double door fridges, but still offer plenty of innovative technology to provide perfect storage environments.


First you have to make a decision – do you want the freezer zone to be at the top or bottom? If you love fresh produce and use the fridge part more, choose a freestanding bottom mount fridge, like the Hisense, with freezer door at the bottom. While if you rely more on frozen food, having a freezer at eye level is more practical, so go for a top mount fridge.

Second – do you want to show your fridge? In a sleek kitchen design, you don’t want your fridge to stick out. The best option is a built-in fridge. Integrated fridges, like the Hisense, effortlessly fit any integrated kitchen unit and don’t intrude with your seamless kitchen style. 

Save space with an undercounter refrigerator

In a small condo, weekend cabin or even dorm room, space is crucial when selecting appliances. For one person or shorter periods of time (or even if you don’t cook a lot at home), an undercounter refrigerator is more than enough. The built-in option, fits perfectly under the worktop, while a freestanding larder fridge, can be a great choice also for a secondary fridge in your bar area, man cave or kids’ playroom.

Discover the whole range of innovative Hisense refrigerators and find your perfect match. With intelligent air distribution system and advanced technologies preventing water or ice build-up you will get the perfect storage environment every single day.

Need more space to store everything you need? Add a freestanding upright freezer or a chest freezer to your pantry and store loads of homegrown fresh produce for long winter days.