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Clean washing machine for clean laundry


Doing laundry is an obvious thing that we regularly do to keep our clothes clean and smelling fresh. While in modern times washing machines and dryers do most of the work for us, we often forget that they need cleaning as well to keep our clothes in mint condition. Luckily if we maintain them and choose the right machine this is not hard work that would take a lot of our precious time and energy.


Why should we clean it?

Washing machines clean our laundry, but the dirt from it and detergent residue can leave behind gunk that builds up inside the machine over time. This can lead to perfect conditions for bacteria. Besides that, washing your clothes in a dirty washing machine can result in them smelling mouldy.

When to clean it?

It is recommended to wash your washing machine once a month. This is to keep the machine clean and prevent any problems instead of solving them once they arrive. If you do not do it regularly your washing machine can develop unpleasant odour due to mould, black residue around the door and drum area due to detergent build up and black spots visible on clothes which can be the result of residue as well.

How do you clean the inside?

The easiest way is to own a washing machine that has a self-cleaning function, like Hisense models that make sure your clothes and the machine itself are clean and odour free. The only thing to do is run a program once per month, and your machine will stay in top condition. Otherwise use a cleaning agent specially designed for washing machines and follow the instructions. If you prefer natural cleaning agents or ones you already have at home put two cups of white vinegar in the liquid detergent dispenser and run it on hottest cycle without any clothes in it. Once it is done repeat the process only this time instead of using vinegar put 1/3 cup baking soda to the drum. If you prefer you can also switch between each method once a month.

How do you clean the detergent drawer and rubber seals?

Remove the drawer and soak it in a mixture of water and some detergent. Then use a small brush to reach every corner and scrub all the residue and mould away. Soapy water is also a great way to clean the rubber seals. Simply soak a cloth in it and use it to wipe away all the dirt around or between the seals. While doing so be careful to remove any coins or other small items hiding between them and be careful not to damage the seals while cleaning them.

How do you clean filters

Read the manual to see how you remove the filter and clean it. But make sure to use a bowl or towel while doing so since there will be some water coming out while removing the filter.