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Unveiling Hisense New VIDAA Smart OS

Entertainment just got a whole lot better. VIDAA, the Hisense native operating system, got a big update, bringing to your Hisense TV new features, new entertainment options, and an even sleeker design. Are you ready to elevate your TV viewing experience to a whole new level? Buckle up because we're about to dive into the spectacular new features brought to you by the innovative minds at Hisense.

Picture this – a seamless blend of global and local content right at your fingertips, delivered through a sleek and intuitive interface. That's exactly what new VIDAA OS brings to the table. Let's explore all the fantastic features that make this operating system a game-changer for your living room!


Easy, fast, secure: Entertainment starts here

The Hisense VIDAA operating system has always been synonymous with simplicity and speed. And with all the updates in the latest version, things got even better. Whether you are exploring new content or navigating through your favorite applications, new VIDAA OS ensures a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

The HOME screen, designed as the new VIDAA launcher interface, provides a clutter-free starting point, allowing you to effortlessly navigate and discover what’s new. Featuring a single row of icons and space for up to 25 applications, it creates more space for personalized recommendations, while the menu, strategically placed on the left side, is even easier to access without overcrowding your viewing space.


Talking about easy access – did you know that the new VIDAA voice recognition now supports 22 languages? Even more people can now enjoy the distinguished voice-controlled features.


Discover VIDAA Free streaming service

More content, more options. With its own licensed VOD library and exclusive streaming channels, VIDAA Free brings together the best of both worlds. Whether you want to enjoy a great movie or listen to your favorite streamer, there's always something new to enjoy. New content and channels are added daily, so the fun never stops!

Personalize your experience

The new VIDAA Smart OS goes beyond content. It is all about your personal experience and your own entertainment world. With multiple profiles available on your Hisense TV, every user can get personalized recommendations, customizable screensavers, and their own picture gallery on the screen.

Customization is effortless using the VIDAA mobile app. Setting up your personal preferences and managing your account has never been easier. Besides, with the Music Sharing feature, you can seamlessly share music from your mobile device to your TV, using your Smart TV as a Bluetooth speaker for an immersive sound experience.


It all starts with a Hisense smart TV

Gone are the days of juggling between different apps and channels – VIDAA brings everything together in one convenient hub. With over 800 streaming channels at your disposal, including both DTV and OTT options, finding your favorite content has never been simpler. Choose a Hisense smart TV and start your new, enhanced entertainment journey.

Discover the whole range of Hisense smart TVs with VIDAA operating system. New features combined with outstanding picture quality and multi-channel surround sound will make your jaw drop. Every single time.

The new VIDAA is already available on all models of the new Hisense TV 2024 lineup. However, innovation at Hisense never stops. We are already working on a new update – the upcoming next generation VIDAA which will be gradually rolling out on Hisense TV models released after summer 2024. With mesmerizing new features, like Art Mode, which turns your Hisense TV into literally art, displayed while the TV is not in use, Kids Mode family-friendly customizable content and bedtime settings, or amazing next-generation AI voice solution XApp to enjoy additional Alexa features, entertainment at Hisense keeps evolving at the speed of light.