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Taking care of your clothes while living in an apartment


Laundry day is quite different if you live in a house with a yard or in a small apartment. If you have more space, it is easier to have a bigger wardrobe, a washing machine with bigger capacity and a tumble dryer, and even an outside rack, where you can dry all your clothes. With an apartment comes a limited amount of space but with some hacks you can turn your luck around and we are here to help you with that.


1. Get a slim washing machine

Did you know that washing machines come in different sizes? If you are living by yourself or with your partner, you will probably not need a machine as big as a family of five does. So, get a slim one to save some space and avoid unnecessarily higher electricity bills.

2. Get the most out of your space

When dealing with a smaller space you have to make the most out of what you have. One way to do that is to put higher spaces to use. The space above the washing machine can be a perfect place for some shelves where you can keep the detergent and softener. The corner behind the doors can become a place for dirty laundry basket and a convenient tabouret that is also a storage box can be filled with clean sheets or towels.


3. Find a better way to dry clothes

Drying racks can be big and clumsy, get creative and find ones that suit your apartment – like vertical ones. However, the moist can be a big factor for mold development. It is therefore recommended to get a tumble dryer if you can. Hisense introduced a new generation of PureStream tumble dryers that include Breeze Dry, drying that resembles air drying and can be used for delicate items, sportswear and even wool. Another program you will highly benefit from is QuickDry, which will make your clothes dry faster, save you the time and save the day when you wanted to wear that amazing blouse you forgot was in the dirty laundry.

4. Avoid ironing

We are not suggesting you should be walking around all creased up, but there are ways to avoid ironing with some items. For instance, if you hang your clothes directly after the washing cycle is done and shake them well before doing so, they will be a lot less creased. Hisense tumble dryers also have Anti Crease Technology that makes sures items are creased less by automatically tumbling your load every few minutes for up to 3 hours. Another way to avoid getting that big ironing board in your way is to get a steamer, which takes a lot less space and can be used on different surfaces and even clothes that are hanged.

5. Make the most out of your wardrobe

Living in an apartment there is a small chance that you will have a walk-in closet. But you can make more out of the space you have by using unconventional spaces. Like using a floating rack to put higher places above the shelves to good use. Or you can get some storage boxes and use them on lower places like underneath your bed. And if you own some items that you really love (like that hat you’ve gotten so many compliments on), you can even use them as decoration and display them on open shelves.