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A fridge that is always by your side


While getting back to old normal may take some time, some habits are here to stay. We all rediscovered the joy and taste of homemade meals. People became more curious, more experiential, more flexible. Cooking is back in the spotlight with the plan to never look back and to continue cooking more in the future, play with flavours, discover new and rediscover old favorites and keep the spark alive. But what is cooking without a good fridge where you safely stock all your basic and non-essential ingredients?


2-meter-high fridge-freezer from Hisense with separate cooling and freezing compartments sounds about right, right? With more than enough space for weekly shopping, dedicated space for produce and fresh meat, convertible freezer part which quickly turns into cooler, this stylish appliance fits perfectly into any home.

Besides all the regular features, one really stands out. It’s its Wi-Fi connection making everyday tasks easier. This connected fridge offers remote monitoring and control over ConnectLife app available on your smartphone or tablet.

You can change the temperature inside the fridge and freezer and activate different functions such as Super Cool or Super Freeze. In case of trouble, it sends an instant alert. This sounds pretty cool, especially when you’re grabbing a cold drink from your fridge just when you’re about to leave in a hurry. If you forget to close the door, this fridge will send a notification to your smart phone. Or imagine you’re doing your weekly shopping on a hot summer day, though hard to image this right now ;), and bringing all your fresh vegetables and fruit home. With this smart fridge you can activate the Super Cool function and boost cooling directly from the shop, preparing the fridge temperature to just perfect prior to storing your produce.


You can also activate Super Freeze function from a distance, when freezing bigger amounts of meat or vegetables. Which comes in handy especially in summer and fall when we’re deep into harvest and want to store some food for colder days.

This Hisense fridge-freezer will communicate with your smartphone for remote monitoring, control, and notifications. And just like that life became just a little bit easier.