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The laundry game: a 5-step guide to finding the perfect Hisense tumble dryer


You decided to buy a new tumble dryer. Great! Whether you are a first-timer or want to upgrade your old one, you are probably deep into the research of amazing new drying machines on the market. With a plethora of outstanding features and unheard-of capabilities, it is very easy to get lost. Let’s take a step back and ask the important question – what kind of tumble dryer do you need? What features and functionalities will best suit your life (and home)?

From space to capacity to taking care of your dearest clothing items – we’ve got you covered. Here are the 5 fundamental questions you should ask yourself to find the perfect tumble dryer that fits your needs, preferences, and daily routine.

Question 1: How much space do I have?

Sometimes space limitations are the hardest to forego. There is not much you can do if you don’t have any space. So, take your time and assess the space and layout of the room. Whether it's your bathroom, utility room, or kitchen, take a moment to visualise where your new appliance will fit. Measure the dimensions of the intended space, considering existing appliances and potential placement options. Hisense tumble dryers [insert link to your Hisense tumble dryers] typically boast standard dimensions, so they fit seamlessly with other standard furniture and appliances. You can place them side-by-side with a washing machine or, if your floor space is limited, you can even stack them vertically.


Question 2: What type of appliance can I fit in?

Yes, we are still deliberating about space. If in the first step, you realized maybe your laundry room is too small for two separate appliances (washing machine and tumble dryer), there is an in-between option that will work magic for you – the versatile Washer Dryer. It combines the washing and drying function in one machine, making laundry day more efficient and convenient while taking up less space.

Question 3: What capacity do I need?

Now it is time to consider the capacity options of your new tumble dryer. Analyse your household's size, lifestyle, and laundry habits. How often does your laundry basket get full? Hisense tumble dryers are designed to suit a large array of needs. Here are some estimates you can use for reference:

- Small capacity (6 kg): fits up to 17 hand towels; suitable for 1-2 people
- Medium capacity (7 to 8 kg): fits about 20-22 hand towels; suitable for most families
- Large capacity (9 kg): fits about 25 hand towels; suitable for bigger families and those who often dry bulkier items (ex. duvets)

Question 4: What features and programmes do I desire?

Hisense understands that every household is unique, which is why tumble dryers come with a variety of features and programs to meet your needs. If you are looking to save on electricity and reduce environmental impact, look for a tumble dryer with a great energy efficiency rating (A+++ is best) and a heat pump that reuses hot air. If noise is a concern, opt for a Hisense tumble dryer with Silent Dry technology, which ensures a peaceful laundry experience, even during late-night cycles.


Do you need some special programmes? Maybe you don’t like to iron clothes and would like a steam refresher? Do you need extra heat to reduce allergens in your fabrics? Are you going to dry delicates or sportswear, so you need more gentle programmes? Really think about your laundry needs and find out your needs. It will make the choice a lot easier. Some amazing features of Hisense tumble dryers, like Smart Link, Quick Dry, Power Steam, Anti-tangle function or Delay End can make quite a difference in your laundry day chores.

Question 5: Which colour matches my home best?

Do not overlook the whole aesthetic of your home. Whether you prefer classic white or sleek black and titanium, Hisense offers options to match your style. Have all the answers? Amazing! Now you are ready to find and order the perfect tumble dryer for you. Browse the whole range of Hisense tumble dryers here.