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It’s time for smart shopping – and smart storing!


Corona situation is challenging our everyday shopping and consequently our storage habits. As we don’t do groceries as often as before, we put more time into planning. Shopping has become more strategic:

- we spend less time in stores,
- shop smarter using shopping lists,
- pay more attention to fresh and local food and more.

When you come home, all the fresh food needs to be stored in a cool and dry place – the fridge. Shopping once a week means more food at once, so it’s even more important you organize the storage properly. Choose your technological assistants wisely and experience an organized, modern and helpful approach to food storing. You will spend less time organizing the fridge, less time at the store and less time searching for food.


What can a modern fridge give me?

It gives you what you appreciate the most – time. Modern refrigerators are not only cooling spaces, but high-tech and user-friendly home appliances with useful functions and features. They are becoming smarter, enabling you to adapt their performance and working according to your needs.
How can a fridge address my needs?
Storing food for family is quite different than for a couple. You need more milk and dairy products, more juice, fresh vegetable and fruit. All these food needs a right place for storage inside the fridge.
If you have a Hisense fridge at home, you can enjoy in extra space. Big Door Balcony enables you to safely store bigger and taller items, such as bulky cartons of milk or juice, inside the door. Reaching fresh and healthy snacks before dinner is easy. Due to Multi Drawer Design Hisense fridge offers you big fruit & vegetable Crisper drawers, spacious snack box and a full-width fresh pantry drawer. The more control you have over the food, the less goes bad and needs to be thrown away. Moreover, you won’t be losing time searching for food inside the fridge, as Hisense surprises you with the Easy-glide drawers, which allow you to reach food quickly and effortlessly.  Some of Hisense refrigerator models have even special My Fresh Choice Zone that you can easily convert from a freezer to fridge with temperature setting from –18 °C to 5 °C.

Where can I get such a reliable and useful fridge?

When it comes to refrigerators, Hisense offers you a lot of options to choose from – Side by side and Multi-door refrigerators, French door and Single door refrigerators, to Top Mounts and Bottom Freezer refrigerators. Check out the whole range and offer here and enjoy in all the advantages it brings to you and your family.