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How to use Air Conditioner in Winter



Winter is here and so is the cold. And as much as we enjoy walking in the winter wonderland, building a snowman, skiing and sledding, there is nothing nicer than coming back to a warm home and curling up under a blanket for a cozy and warm night in. Did you know that to achieve that, you can use an air conditioner? To show you why they are such a great winter choice we have answered some of the popular answers about using AC in winter.



Can you use every AC in winter?

That depends on your machine and environment. Check the manual to make sure running your air conditioner in cold weather is fine and make sure the temperature is not below the one stated in the manual.

For what can you use AC in winter?

If your air conditioner comes with heat mode, you can use it to warm up your home. On the other hand, some Hisense air conditioners come with Fresh Air function as well. This function takes fresh air from the outside, brings it through layered purification and spreads it throughout your home.

Air conditioners also remove moisture from the air, they are however not as efficient at it as dehumidifiers. If you want to really get rid of that condensation on the inside of the window and prevent mold from developing in your home, you can get a Hisense AC that works as a humidifier as well.



How do you use AC in winter?

Firstly, make sure your air conditioner is set on heat mode, set the temperature, and fan speed, make sure there is nothing blocking the ventilators so they can evenly distribute heat and get it to work. Keep the doors closed to prevent heat loss - especially if you are not heating every room (although it is recommended to heat all of them to prevent mold from developing). Keep the windows closed as well, but keep in mind that you will still need to open them every day to let the fresh air in. Before doing so, turn your AC off, close the doors and proceed with opening the windows wide and leaving them open for about 10 minutes. Repeat this once a day

What temperature should you set?

It is recommended that the temperature your AC is bringing to your home in winter should be around 18°C and 22°C and between 20°C and 22°C if you have a baby. The same is recommended if you have a dog inside, although it also depends on its size, coat, and breed. Whatever temperature you set on, bring it down a little bit when you are sleeping. Best sleeping temperature for most adults is between 15°C and 20°C.

Is it expensive to use AC in winter?

This depends on your needs, environment, and prices in your country. But Hisense air conditioners have an iFEEL function that reduces energy consumption and helps you save money. It does so by sensing the surrounding temperature and adjusting it, which results in maximum comfort as well.