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Expert advice: how to take care of swimwear in summertime and off season


It’s summertime! Time to bring out your swimwear. But sun exposure, sea salt, chlorine, sunscreen and sweat leave visible signs of wear and tear on your swimwear. Besides that, swimming suits are made from stretching materials that require special care if you want them to stay in nice shape for more than one season. That said, it's important to wash them properly so they can last for many seasons. Stay ahead of damage by following a few expert care tips from Aleš Bricelj, our laundry expert and keep your swimwear in mint condition.


When to wash

“It is recommended to rinse or soak your swimming suit in cold water. After a swim find the nearest shower and take a quick rinse. This way you’ll neutralize the material and maintain its quality. And give it a proper wash after three to five wears. “If you were swimming in a pool or the sea, you will want to remove chlorine and salt. To achieve that, use a bit of mild laundry detergent, preferably one designed for delicates or fabrics that contain spandex,” Bricelj explains. “Some even suggest using distilled white vinegar as an emergency substitute for detergent when washing, as it both deodorizes and reduces bacteria on the fabric.”

How to wash

It is best to wash your swimwear by hand. However, if you prefer to use the washing machine, make sure to put it in a bag for delicate items and put it on delicate cycle. “Go light on the laundry detergent and skip fabric softener when washing your beach towels,” Bricelj says. “Interestingly men’s swim trunks contain less spandex which makes them more durable and can be washed in the washing machine.”


How to dry

“Since the heat can weaken the elasticity of swimwear material, you should avoid using the dryer to dry them out. After washing your bathing suit, it is best to gently squeeze out extra water or gently roll it in a towel. Hanging it can cause it to stretch out, it is therefore best to lay it flat on a surface, preferably not metal rod, which can leave rust marks. Also avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, which can cause colour fading and the fibres breaking down,” Bricelj suggests.

How to store

Before you put your swimwear away for the season, it is important, to make sure they are completely dry. Any moisture can result in mildew which is hard to get rid of. Don’t store swimwear in plastic bags, keep them in a fabric garment bag instead.

How about a wetsuit

Wetsuit care is quite similar to swimwear care. However, it is important that you do not put it in a washing machine and to not only rinse it from the outside, but give it a proper rinse from the inside once you take it off as well. Wetsuits are also not meant to be used in chlorinated swimming pools. When it comes to drying, it is best to hang it on a special wetsuit hanger or a heavy and padded one.