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Breaking myths about laser TV with Hisense Ultrashort Throw Trichroma Laser TV


Enjoying a cosy movie night with family, cheering for your favourite team during a match or binge watching the series pulled you into a whole new world … where you know everything is better with a home theatre. The immersive experience they provide is hard to beat. But how much space is needed to create one? Do you really need a big, dark, and soundproof room to recreate a cinema worthy experience? What about expensive sound systems and other massive equipment? Luckily you don’t. High quality home theatre experience can be achieved even in a normal sized living room. We have thoroughly searched, collected, and debunked the common myths about home theatre. And, as a cherry on top, we added some tips on how to make your experience even more enjoyable.



MYTH 1: To achieve the immersive feeling, you need a white screen and a projector.

For a big picture you do need a big screen. But there is no need for a huge projector in the middle of the room and white screen equipment. Big home theatre screens nowadays look more and more like a big extra flat-screen TV on your wall. They are called Laser TV. Laser TVs bring the best of both worlds – They come with a large, 100’’ and over framed screen and a laser projector that is placed just underneath. Like Hisense Ultrashort Throw Trichroma Laser TV. You would never tell that, in fact, this is a laser projection device, it’s almost a designer piece.

MYTH 2: You need a big room with no windows (or direct sunlight).

Another misconception is that for the best theatre experience you need a big dark room. This however is not a must. As we said, Hisense Ultrashort Throw Laser TVs take very little space as the console is placed underneath the screen, just 30,3 cm away from the wall. It fits perfectly on any cabinet and looks flawless in your living room.

Are you worried that the brightness of your living room will affect the picture quality? The TriChroma Laser TV 100L9 is not affected by ambient light. Thanks to the special Ambient Light Rejection screen surface you don’t have to dim your room even during peak daytime hours or turn off all surrounding lights in the evening. We have tried everything – from windows to cabinet lamps and even smartphone lights. No reflection or glare hovering over the screen at all.

MYTH 3: Colours are never as vivid as on the TV screen.

Does the word project remind you of the ones that were used in school and made it look like the colours were disappearing into the white board? Laser TVs are a completely different story. Outstanding new laser technologies make even the brightest colours come to life and create an immersive life-like experience. Expect to get lost in every sunset, fantasy world and action-packed scene. Hisense 100L9 Laser TV comes with TriChroma laser technology with a three-colour laser source and 3.000 lumen brightness designed to take vivid colours to a completely new level, improve picture quality and brightness uniformity. And because of the extra Wide Colour Gamut colours images are more natural, with an ultra-realistic feel.



MYTH 4: You need a professional (and expensive) sound system to achieve perfect sound.

Don’t want to spend extra money on soundbars, woofers and bass amplifiers? The good news is that the Laser TV projector doubles as a soundbar providing Dolby Atmos sound. With every projection you are transported in a sound bubble, where sounds come from all directions, even from above your head. It is as real as it gets, with rich, immersive sound. You will feel like you are in the middle of action, right next to your favourite actor or sport legend.

MYTH 5: You need cinema seats to recreate the experience.

Wrong! The point of home theatre is not to recreate cinemas, but to enhance the cinema experience. So, instead of seats, choose a comfy couch or create the space you like. Throw in some pillows to hide behind during scary scenes and a blanket for cold winter nights.

Would you like to add a coffee table for popcorn and drinks or a football table for hanging out during intermissions? There is nothing stopping you.

And keep in mind – Laser TVs are much more than just projectors. They function as a complete smart TV with all you need for entertainment. The Hisense TriChroma Laser TV 100L9 is, for example, powered by VIDAA OS, so you can quickly access all your favourite apps like Netflix, Disney, YouTube. Much more than just a movie experience.