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Smart Air Conditioners: get to know your options and find the right for you


Air conditioners have become a basic necessity for many households, but that doesn’t mean choosing the right one for your home comes easy. While portable air conditioners are a great option for small fixes, offices or rented homes, Wall-mounted ACs come with many additional features. At Hisense we offer a wide range of options, and we are proud to present our new line up of smart ACs. While all of them run on inverter technology which makes them reliable, extremely quiet (19db in Quiet mode) and cost effective, they do have different specific functions and benefits that were developed to match specific lifestyle or climate conditions. This way you can count on us to deliver reliable and cost-effective cooling and heating to every household and satisfy the needs and wishes of every family member. Check out our new AC line up to help you define what you want and find the best model for you.


Fresh Master for air conditioning and better health

The quality of air affects our quality of life and our health. This is why Fresh Master AC  makes sure the indoor air is fresh, pure and good for you with air flow from different angles. It boasts with patented Fresh Air technology that refreshes the whole room in just 3 minutes with purified air from outdoor. This is a perfect solution if you live in an apartment or polluted area. You can check when your air needs to be freshened up by checking up the LED display where Air Quality is shown, so by measuring the CO2 concentration this AC lets you know when you need fresh air. With innovative HI-NANO technology it also removes bacteria and viruses inside. You can activate it through remote controller, WIFI or even voice control and it can be used for heating when the temperature outside is down to -22°C. Many additional features like timer, four sleep modes and Dual Self Clean make this a handy choice.

Energy Nordic for air conditioning even in colder conditions

Air conditioners with outside unit can be damaged in cold weather. This is why Energy Nordic was developed with special outdoor heating chassis to provide you with heating even if the temperature drops down to -25°C. It can be used for heating or cooling and is easily activated by wired controller, remote controller, WIFI or even voice. It takes care of air quality with different filters like active carbon filter, and it also enables you to take care of humidity with humidity control function - another function perfected for colder seasons. This AC also comes with dual self-cleaning and ChildLock functions, so you don’t have to worry about safety or have additional work on your hands.

Energy Pro X for user-friendly air conditioning with power of new technology

Relax and enjoy the fresh air and temperature you desire with Energy Pro X. This stylish model will make your home feel more luxurious thanks to beautiful black or white design and advanced technology.  It uses Smart airflow to efficiently surround you with warmth or coolness and fresh air. With SmartEye sensor it can detect your location and make sure you are comfortable wherever you are while AI SMART creates most comfortable indoor environment regardless of the temperatures outside. It uses filters and functions to make your air fresh and HI-NANO to disinfect the indoor and remove the viruses and bacteria. Equipped with FULL DC Inverter, it really offers a lot while being highly energy efficient. You can check and control energy consumption through Power Consumption Display and Cooling/Heating capacity display features on our ConnectLife APP. Even the AC control is simple through remote control, smart phone (or other device), WIFI or voice with Alexa or google assistant.


Energy Expert for air conditioning for energy efficient options

Thanks to inverter compressor all Hisense ACs are energy efficient, but Energy Expert comes with additional practical features that protect your home and your wallet. Like 8c Heating that protects your home and pets while you are away. With 4D airflow to provide comfortable environment the whole room tailored to your needs while 4-in-1 filter provides healthier air by removing dust and other particles. Furthermore, viruses and bacteria are removed as well, thanks to HI-NANO that also offers humidity and temperature control. This AC that can be used in outside temperature down to -22°C also provides great conditions for sleeping with Comfortable sleep feature.