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Safe and productive home office


Due to Covid-19, many people had to start working from home. Offices are usually designed so that they offer the best working conditions, but our home isn’t. We all created mini home-offices once the new normal hit but are now slowly (but surely) moving our offices to more comfortable couches or even beds. Nothing beats comfy, right? Well, wrong. Designing a dedicated workspace in your home is important. To remind you on the things you’ve probably forgot (block?), we have prepared some instructions, that will protect your health and increase your productivity.



Work safety first

It goes without saying that it is preferred your home is a clean and safe space, no matter the size (shoebox or mansion). But besides that, you have to make sure your working space is organized so that it doesn’t hurt your health and wellbeing. Firstly ensure, that you have a working surface, that is stable, big enough and between 720 and 750 mm high. Secondly get a stable and comfortable office chair, so you can sit straight and move freely. If you are working on a computer, make sure the distance between the screen and your eyes is at least 500 mm. Keep your screen clean and set your settings like brightness and character size to your needs.

Separate your working space from your living space

It is very important that you have a designated working room or area, where you are strictly working (not a couch or a bed). This will help you separate your work life from much needed personal life. While working from the comfort of your bed, sofa or an armchair might be tempting, it can result in lower productivity. If you don’t have a room that you can use as an office, try separating your working area from the rest of your home with a higher piece of furniture or a folding screen.

Make sure you have a healthy environment

Recommended room temperature for achieving best working results and staying healthy is 24°C. Air conditioning is great at helping you maintain it at that point. Hisense Air conditioning has several functions, that will make your home not only comfortable, but a safe and great working environment as well. Its filters for instance improve the air quality by absorbing unpleasant odours, harmful substances, and more dust than other filters. Besides that, they destroy more than 95% of bacteria, and add aroma and vitamin C, which improves air quality and is beneficial for health and skin. 

Avoid distractions

Make sure you always have things you need like computer, notebook, headphones, and a glass of water at the reach of the hand and things you don’t need hidden or somewhere out of sight. It helps if your working place is set where the Wi-Fi connection is great, so that things like fixing it don’t become an excuse for an escape from working responsibilities.

Keep a routine

While working from home might sound great for people, who wish for more flexibility, having a routine and sticking with it will result in better work-life balance, especially if you schedule doing your work when you are most productive. When you are preparing your schedule don’t forget to include smaller pauses and lunch breaks which will help you stay in good physical and mental state. Even better if you schedule your whole day, since after work activities make a great stimulus for being at your most productive during working hours, give you a lot to look forward to and make you want to do your job well, so that you can later enjoy them carefreely.