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Get your air conditioning ready for summer


As the months are finally getting warmer and you are getting ready for the heat of the summer, do not forget to check your air conditioning. It is important to get it ready now, so it does not cause inconvenient complications once you desperately need it. By regularly taking care of your AC, you will be able to prevent further damage and unnecessary higher costs later. While there is a lot you can do yourself, we highly recommend calling a professional for maintenance work once in a while.



Check your outdoor unit

If you have not used air conditioning in winter and you keep it covered to prevent sticks and leaves getting into your unit, do not forget to remove the cover. In general AC machines are made to withstand different weather conditions, so covering it while it is not being used is not necessary. However, it can prolong the lifespan of the machine by keeping it safe from things falling on it.

Check the unit

Unit is the part of the AC that is located outside. Take a good look of it and make sure it and its surroundings are clean and tidy. This will prevent unwanted items from entering it and compromising its functioning. Disconnect the power from the machine and check that all the wires are in good condition. Make sure there are no nests inside the unit, that nothing is falling apart, and nothing is broken or corroded. If you find that the electrical wiring has been compromised call a professional.

Clean or replace the filters

Recommended room temperature for achieving best working results and staying healthy is 24°C. Air conditioning is great at helping you maintain it at that point. Hisense Air conditioning has several functions, that will make your home not only comfortable, but a safe and great working environment as well. Its filters for instance improve the air quality by absorbing unpleasant odours, harmful substances, and more dust than other filters. Besides that, they destroy more than 95% of bacteria, and add aroma and vitamin C, which improves air quality and is beneficial for health and skin.


Clean the drain line

To keep your air conditioner running smoothly make sure the drain lines are not clogged. You can clean your drain line with vinegar or dish soap and water. To ensure your drain lines do not get clogged in the first place it is recommended to flush them regularly.

Check the thermostat

If you do not have one or suspect the current one isn’t working well, consider upgrading your thermostat before the heat wave starts! That will improve your indoor comfort, and help you save energy and money.

Check the air vents

Make sure there is no blockage in front of the ventilators so that air can freely circulate through your home and make it nice and cool.

Set it on cooling mode

If you used the air conditioning for heating in colder months, make sure to switch the mode on cooling and set the temperature that suits you best. Recommended temperature in summer is between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius.