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Power up your health with regular exercise – even if from home


Being and feeling healthy is a privilege these days. Due to Corona situation we are spending more time at home, our habits and activities have changed. It is important not to ‘shut down’ but organize your free time for exercise at home, possibly even outdoors if the cold and official restrictions allow it. What do you do to keep your physical and mental health in good shape? Here are some useful advices and tips on home exercise, with safety in mind.


Listen to your body

Whatever exercise you practice at home, listen to your body during the workout and pay attention to the signals you are receiving. If something doesn’t feel right, if you feel too much pain or pressure stop immediately. 

Warm up and cool down

Give your body time to warm up. Start by stretching slowly and repeating the motions of your selected activity. After the exercise cool down with slow stretching and calm breathing. 

Stay well hydrated

Did you know you can lose around one and a half liter of fluid for every hour of exercise? Drink enough water before, during and after exercise.

Exercise between working

After every hour of work at home, take just 3 min to breathe deeply and stretch. Raise your arms above the head. Bend over at try to touch the floor with your finger tips. Slowly round with your head and shoulders. 

Find peace from stress

As home working and indoor isolation can be very stressful, take 5 min every day evening to meditate. Relax the tension and allow all the feeling to pass through you, empty your head. Even better if you upgrade meditation with practicing yoga.


Seize the day outside

If the governmental restrictions allow you to move outside, take the advantage to exercise outdoors on a sunny autumn day. Take a walk, a run, a hike in the fresh air.

Keep your sport equipment and clothes in good shape

To preserve your sport clothes in best quality, wash them in washing machine using the Sports program. It gently but thoroughly cleans your clothes at 30 °C or 40 °C, at lower spinning rates and a brief final spinning cycle. You can use it for sportswear made of cotton, microfibres and synthetic fibres.

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