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There is a perfect TV for everyone and every need. Discover yours!


TV has always been a window to the world, but with new technologies and new ways of using it the role of television has expanded even more. It can be used for gaming, watching sports matches, binge watching series or bringing a cinematic experience into our homes. Understanding that people want and need different things from the television, Hisense has developed different models that best satisfy everyone’s needs. A great example of that is Hisense’s new TV line-up. All the models are using the latest technologies and putting them to best possible use so that they bring the best content, picture, sound, viewing and user experience to every home. But there are also differences between the models that make them even more perfected to answer the specific needs of the viewer. Scroll down to find the best match for you.




Choose UX Mini-LED X that uses the latest technologies to make the best viewing experience for the whole family regardless of your ambient and the content you want to enjoy. With extreme contrast from intense brights to darkest blacks you will notice all the details with picture that breaks the limits of reality with over 40,000 local dimming zones and 10,000 nits Peak Brightness.  With Hi-View Engine X it simulates human brain patterns and optimizes viewing experience, while the Dynamic X-Display brings the cinematic feel to the comfort of your home with picture enhancing features, that enable you to enjoy perfect picture regardless of where you are seated or how bright your room is. To truly deliver full next level experience in every sense this UX Mini-LED X comes with incredible sound thanks to WiSA Ready and multi-channel surround sound with side speakers and built-in subwoofer. With incredible sound and picture, less reflection, and smoother transitions this TV will be the one every family member will love. To make sure you all can get in front of it and enjoy a cinematic experience together cuddling on the couch we recommend choosing the UX Mini-LED X with 110" screen while 85" and 65" options are available as well.


If you love cinema U8 Mini-LED PRO is what is missing in your home. This TV brings professional cinematic experience to every house or apartment with breathtaking picture quality delivered by Mini-LED PRO technology that uses LEDs which are fifty times smaller than common LEDs, so they can create more details, contrast, and precision. See the picture come to life in vivid colours and detailed shadows with incredible One billion+ shades and up to Peak Brightness 3000 that also enables you to enjoy movies even in a bright room. This TV really sets new standards for watching movies at home with impressive Hi-View Engine PRO that optimizes the picture quality scene-by-scene through deep-learning. Being powered by 2.1.2 Multi-Channel Surround, Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual-X it also delivers sound that surrounds you and takes you to the middle of action. For true movie fans U8 Mini-LED PRO even makes it possible to watch the movie the way the filmmakers envisioned it with IMAX Enhanced and Filmmaker Mode use it on U8 Mini-LED PRO to get a bigger cinematic impact on a big screen.




Watching sport matches is a different viewing experience, on one hand you want to see all the details and on the other you are trying to recreate the feeling and atmosphere you get at a stadium. You can now follow every move, pass, and score from the most comfortable seats at your home thanks to 144Hz Native Panel and Ultra Motion in U7 Mini-LED PRO. This U7, the Official TV of UEFA EURO 2024, takes you to the middle of the action with Mini-LED with Full Array Local Dimming that brings stunning clear picture thanks to brighter image with better contrast, Quantum Dot technology that creates over a billion of shades, and HDR experience that brings incredible picture results for watching sport, movies, or gaming. Since U7 supports all major formats of HDR you will have the unparallel video quality, that will make it impossible to miss all the details of your favourite sport matches. To make things even better there is a AI Sports Mode that beats the others and makes this TV and you the winning combination. You can choose between 100", 85", 75", 65" and 55" screen sizes but to recreate the feeling of being at the stadium opt for larger sizes that will make you feel like you are supporting your team in person.




Get ready for the ultimate gaming experience! Stay on top with 144Hz variable refresh rate that ensures smooth gaming and helps your competitive edge. With Dolby Vision Atmos you will get to experience games in ultra-vivid colours and contrasts that will make you appreciate the craftmanship behind it even more all while adapting to ambient light so you can play anytime. But what makes E7N PRO really a gamers dreams is the 144 Hz Game Mode Pro with 240 High Refresh Rate, that is perfected for gaming with fast response and low input lag. Regarding screen size you can choose between 100", 85", 75", 65" and 55". While the space you have available does play an important role, we need to point out that bigger sizes will give you even more of an immersive experience.




To make sure everybody gets to have the television that best suits their wishes Hisense keeps on developing technology that brings the best experience possible, next level viewing and answers the needs of the user. Like the new TV line-up that was developed with different types of people in mind and brings the best of high-end technologies, Mini-LED, QLED, OLED etc. to every home at affordable prices. And while we are proud to receive multiple awards for our products, our greatest joy comes from happy customers that get to enjoy high-quality television and all it has to offer.