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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


Holiday season is here … but stay calm and embrace the holiday spirit. It holds so many wonderful moments you really don’t want to miss. Like always, there will be some cooking and baking involved, which can be a lot easier if you have the right kitchen appliances.

Let it shine, let it glow

There really is no reason not to decorate your home as early as December 1st, or even November. In a season when nights are so very long, there is nothing nicer than colourful lights and with it that warm feeling around you. It is also better to do it early in the month when you don’t have so many other holiday errand-runs. So, don’t feel bad about being the first one to switch on the Christmas lights in your neighbourhood.


Every day is a good day for cookies

You can never have to many Christmas recipes: pies, cakes, puddings, brownies, cupcakes, plenty of cookies to go around. Now this is the time to whip out all (and we mean all, like stars, reindeers, snowmen, angels, snowflakes, and the list continues) your Xmas cookie-cutters your kids have been begging for. If you have hard times getting children to help you in the kitchen, baking will most definitely change that. And with a little support of your Hisense oven, you can create unforgettable goodies. Advanced functionalities such as Steam Add Plus for extra crunch and Auto Programs for quick and super easy baking are at your hand for amazing, yet perfect results. So, don’t worry, about baking too many cookies. Put them in a nice bag, and treat your family, friends, and neighbours. 

Chill out and cool down

Planning a Christmas dinner always involves a long list of ingredients. Fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood, and more. Because of the hectic last days before the actual dinner, we suggest getting them a few days ahead. Which means you have to store them, and above all, you have to have enough space for your everyday dinner and Christmas dinner. Hisense offers excellent solutions when it comes to cooling too: refrigerators with big volume and lots of drawers for an easy organization. Some of them are even multifunctional. For example, you can turn My Fresh Choice drawer from cooling to freezing and vice versa. One Christmas dinner done!

Take the stress out of cooking

Latest induction hobs make a big difference in cooking with their simple, intuitive, and convenient technology, making cooking a breeze. That way you can focus on ideas and good vibes even on Christmas Eve. Have in mind, that you don’t need to do all the slicing, and dicing, and peeling, and cooking, and decorating by yourself. Invite kids, other family members or friends, to come a bit sooner and plan different little tasks for them. Pilling potatoes, preparing salads and dressings, making decorations for the table … there are so many little things, that other can handle just fine. Most of the guests will appreciate dinner even more if they co-create it. Bon appetite!


Like nothing ever happened

Making the most out of holidays is a must. Even if this means laying on a couch watching movies, going out for some fresh, crisp air, baking all the cookies you can think of or making your house like an amusement park. To each his own. But most of all, have fun. But, once the fun is over, there’s dishes left. Luckily Hisense dishwasher has your back on this one too. You can choose out of several models, with different washing and drying programs. The best one can clean up to 16 place settings at once, so after Christmas dinner washing checked.

Gifts for everybody

If you missed Black Friday sales to buy the gifts, you can still get everything you are looking for in December. Just don’t wait until the last days before Christmas, so you can avoid the crowd and postal delays.