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How to organize your refrigerator


It all starts with choosing the refrigerator, that is right for you

To get the most out of your refrigerator, it’s best to know what your needs and wishes are before buying one. There are many different options on the market and first thing to know is the size of the refrigerator which depends on your needs and the amount of space you have decided to dedicate to it in your kitchen. Once you decide on size it is beneficial to take your time and analyse the insides of refrigerators, since they do come with various compartments with different benefits.


Vegetables and fruits drawers

To keep your produce fresh and crispy many refrigerators come with special vegetables and fruits drawers. These are often see-through so you can clearly see the produce and the state they are in. When buying a family refrigerator, it is important to choose one with big vegetables and fruits drawer, so it can store more produce. These special drawers are able to keep vegetables and fruits fresh for a longer time because of just the right temperature, and sometimes they can also regulate humidity.

In general produce that rot (like apples, avocados, mangos and others) are best kept at low humidity, while produce that wilt (like leafy greens, peppers, bananas and others) need high humidity to stay fresh longer. Because of this some Hisense refrigerators have these drawers equipped with a moisture adjustment system, that maintains the perfect humidity and can be simply adjusted.

Fresh food drawer

It is recommended to keep meet, seafood, and other types of fresh food in a special drawer that is closest to 0° C or has the lowest temperature in the fridge. Not only will this allow food to stay fresh up to three times longer, but it helps it keep the vitamins and aroma as well. It is also recommended that you keep your dairy products in this drawer.

Special functions

Don’t forget to check out other possibilities different refrigerators offer. Refrigerators design has improved drastically during past years and the times where you only had shelves and doors compartments are long forgotten. Hisense refrigerators for instance offer Super Cool and Super Freeze functions which make it possible for you to cool down the temperature quicker.



Organise and label your products

Organised refrigerator is a way to avoid food waste and keep different products fresh and odourless.

For better overview of your refrigerator’s content use trays, that enable you to easily reach and overlook everything you have even at the back of your fridge. A helpful trick that can help you remember the food you have and prevent it from going bad is to always put new product behind existing ones, so that the first product that you reach for is the one with closer expiration date.

It is recommended to invest in vacuum food boxes as well, since they are a perfect way to keep your food fresh longer and take less space than using bowls or plates. Besides that, they are an ecological alternative to food bags since they can be reused multiple times.

And finally take the extra moment to label your food. How many times has it happened to you, that you see something stored, and can’t reminder where or when it came from? By simply pasting a note with content and date on it you will avoid uncomfortable situations and know exactly what it is and what state it is in. This comes especially handy when talking about frozen foods, but find it useful also in the fridge compartment for leftovers.

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