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How to efficiently use the AC in the summer


Summer is already here and so are the high temperatures, that call for vacations and a refreshing jump into the sea. But since most of us cannot enjoy relaxation on the seaside through all hot months, AC becomes our best friend during the days we have to spend inside, especially if we have to be productive. But do you know how to make the most out of your air conditioner?



What is the best temperature?

It is generally recommended to keep your room temperature at 26 °C. Not only can low temperatures effect your well-being but making the air conditioner run a lot lower can result in it wearing down faster, and of course higher energy bills. Even if you want cooler air faster, setting the AC on lower temperature will not cool down the room any faster. Since the general rule is to set the air conditioning 4 to 6 degrees below outside temperature, Hisense offers advanced air conditioners with AI Smart function, that automatically adjusts inner temperature, humidity, and wind speed to weather conditions outside your home. To ensure optimal comfort in every part of the room they also come with 4D Auto-swing (horizontal and vertical swing), Ceiling & Ground Airflow and Long Distance Airflow that optimize the distribution of air, and create every spot the sweet spot. Besides that, they introduce fresh and purified air at a rate of 50m3/h which means they refresh the room in just 3 minutes.


How do you leave the heat outside without compromising the quality of air inside?

Avoid using ovens during hottest hours, keep the blinds down and the doors and windows closed, so that you prevent the heat from entering your home. This is especially important during the day when the temperatures are the highest. It is recommended to open the windows and ventilate the rooms early in the morning or in the evening when the temperatures drop. To ensure you can have clean and healthy air through the whole day, Hisense air conditioners are designed to purify air as well. Furthermore, their innovative HI-NANO technology effectively eliminates bacteria and viruses (including coronavirus) from the air. Thanks to them generating extremely high concentration of 1 million dual ions per cm3, it has been proven by the French Texcell laboratory*, that they can inhibit the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) by 93.54% within just two hours. To ensure the best air quality Hisense air conditions also include a high quality 4-in-1 Filter, which consists of Silver Ion Filter, HEPA Filter, Catechin Filter and Vitamin-C Filter. These filters sterilize the air inside the room, remove smells, dust and pollen and even release the vitamin C that makes your skin more beautiful.

To leave on or not to leave on?

In order to save energy, it is actually recommended to keep your AC going, instead of frequently turning it off and on. If you leave home for longer time periods it might be better to turn it off, if there will be no one else needing it. To ensure best sleeping conditions, without worrying that it might get too cold during the night, Hisense air conditioners offer four different Sleep mode options so that every family member can sleep like a baby.

When should you use AC?

While we mostly use AC for cooling down the room, Hisense air conditioners offer so much more. Not only do they purify air as well, but they also come with LED display that indicates the air quality and lets you know when to turn your AC on and create better air conditions. This way this AC is also air purifier and your best friend even in hottest summer days and nights.