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Delicious and easy Halloween (trick-or-)treats


Don’t let the Halloween trick-or-treaters scare you or catch you unprepared with an empty cupboard. Get ready with our simple tricks that will help you create the best treats, which will impress every visitor in the neighbourhood.


Upgrade your favourite recipe

Your statement recipe that everybody is impressed by can be easily turned into a Halloween masterpiece by simply decorating it in a different way. In stores you can already find cookie cutters in shapes of ghosts, pumpkins and witches among others or coloured icings and sweet decorations in all kinds of shape. And if you want to create the treats only with the things you already have at home, you can always go with simple round cookies and draw on them with different icing options to create motives like ghosts, spiders, or spider webs. When creating different types of icings Hisense induction hobs are your right hand thanks to their Gentle Melt function, that maintains a constant temperature of 42°C and helps you melt even the most difficult ingredients without burning them. And in case you have some leftover icing in your freezer, this function can be used for light defrosting as well. And remember, making Halloween cookies is a great way of spending time with your kids. Time together will be precious, but don’t expect cookies to be. They’ll be fun, goofy and probably not so scary. :) 


Choose healthy snacks

If unhealthy food is the thing you fear the most, you can impress your family and friends with healthy snacks on Halloween. There are many different options that only take a bit of time, a few ingredients, and a spoon of creativity. Like peeled mandarins, which can be turned in to adorable mini pumpkins if you put a bit of celery (that looks like pumpkin’s stem) in the middle of it. Or the sweetest little banana ghosts, that can be easily done by cutting a peeled banana in half and simply drawing eyes and mouth on it with a few drops of dark chocolate icing. Again, excellent way of spending time with your kids. For those little ones who fuss over fruit, maybe even a chance to try some. Because eating  a ghost is way better than eating a banana.

Use what you already have

Have you created an amazing Halloween decoration and are especially proud of your impressive pumpkin carving? Don’t throw the leftovers of it away. The seeds within the pumpkin are a great and healthy snack (or addition to recipes or salads) throughout the year. Simply remove the seeds, separate them from the pumpkins pulp, wash and dry them. After that you can season them with salt and olive oil or if you prefer more flavour, you can add garlic powder, paprika, black pepper or other spice of your choice. Once the seeds are seasoned spread them evenly around the greased baking sheet and roast them at 177°C for 12 to 15 minutes while tossing them every 5 minutes. This is easier with Hisense ovens’, that have a shape which is inspired by traditional wood-burning ovens and heat the seeds (or your favourite meal) evenly, and therefore cook every dish perfectly, creating crispy snacks. 

Also, once the Halloween is over don’t throw the carved pumpkin away – if you cut off the bottom half and hung it, it makes a great bird feeder. This way you will create great treats for less expected visitors as well.