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Keep produce fresh and vibrant with a Hisense fridge


Sunday trips to the local farmers’ market are a blast when spring finally hits. All the colourful berries, vegetables and herbs start calling you, inviting your palate and tickling your culinary mind with endless delicious dishes.

When you have a Hisense cross door fridge-freezer you can take them all home and stock up on delicious fresh food for the week. The iconic cross door design and extra-large capacity are ideal for preserving all kinds of produce. Advanced technologies, like Metal Cooling (the rear wall is covered with stainless steel) and Multi Air Flow, keep constant temperatures and even distribution of cold air, which preserves food better, no matter where in the fridge it is placed. And with Total No Frost say goodbye to annoying frost build-up in the refrigerator. But the outstanding technology is just the beginning. Read on for some tried and tested tips on how to keep produce fresh even longer.

Restore perfect conditions fast

Did you know that restocking your fridge in bulk can instantly raise the temperature inside, which may lead to spoiled food?

For those massive weekly shopping sprees Hisense fridges have the Super Cool function to lower the internal temperature of the fridge quickly and keep it at a regular +2 °C for 6 hours to preserve flavours, colours, and nutritional values of fresh food, so your food will stay perfectly fresh for a long time.

Find the space for everything

You probably already know that certain fruit or vegetables simply don’t get along. Meaning that if you put them together in the same container or close to each other, they will go bad faster. The science behind that is that some fruit produce lots of ethylene gas (bananas, melons, apples, tomatoes, avocados) while other, mostly vegetables, are ultra-sensitive to it. Carrots, broccoli, greens and even herbs will go bad faster when exposed to this type of gas. That’s why the Hisense fridge has a system of multiple drawers. Keep your fruit and vegetables in separate drawers to make them last longer.

Add a hack or two to your storage system

Wash berries with vinegar to prevent mold. To keep all kinds of berries fresh longer, mix 3 cups of water with 1 cup of vinegar and quickly wash berries in it. Just swirl them around for a bit and then thoroughly wash under running water. This will remove any dirt, germs, and mold. Next, remove any bruised, soft, or rotting berries, put the rest in a glass container and store in the fridge.

Make a fresh herbs bouquet. The best way to store fresh herbs (parsley, mint, cilantro, …) is in a glass of water, just like a flower bouquet. Trim the stems, put them in water and store in the fridge. You can also cover the tops with a plastic bag, to keep them fresh even longer.

Blanch vegetables before freezing. Cook vegetables (like spinach, green beans, peas, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and brussel sprouts) in boiling water for one or two minutes, immediately cool down in a bowl of ice and water and then freeze. This will keep the colour and texture of vegetables intact even after thawing.

Make smart use of My Fresh Choice

My Fresh Choice is a zone in the Hisense fridge-freezer, that has its own climate. You can easily convert it from freezer to fridge just by setting the temperature from -18 °C to +5 °C.

During spring, when fresh produce is at its peak, use the whole compartment as a fridge for unlimited freshness and extra storage space. Then, after the season of colourful fresh produce nears the end, simply convert it back to freezer and store leftover produce for the winter days.

Ready to jump into spring in style? Discover the whole range of Hisense fridges here and find the one that suits your lifestyle.