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Get ready for Black Friday


Black Friday will take place on 26th of November 2021. Make the most of it with the tips we have prepared to help you and (your bank account). If you are thinking splashing out on a big purchase, like buying a TV, refrigerator, or a washing machine, there is no better time than Black Friday season.



Avoid paying too much by paying attention

Just because you got a deal, it doesn’t necessarily mean it was also a bargain. Prices change and they might go up, so they appear like a deal later. Set a price alert where it is possible so you can follow the changes and see what you are really paying for.

Decide whether you are buying a product or a brand

In every product category there are different brands offering their products. If you are passionate about a certain brand and want to buy it, then you probably already have the product in mind. If, however you are looking for a good deal and a product you really wanted for some time now, check different brands and what their advantages are. For many items you can find sites that not only offer independent reviews and customer reviews, but also comparison. When going through reviews keep in mind that everybody has different needs and wishes. Just because someone is preferring an item of higher price range, doesn’t mean that you need it as well – a more basic product might be more than enough for your needs.

Make a (wish)list, set your budget, and stick to it

When discounted prices flood the shopping isles it becomes tempting to buy some extra items. Keep in mind, that just because something is cheaper it is still too expensive if you don’t really need it. Unnecessary consumption doesn’t only affect your bank account but also our environment. Avoid buying what you don’t need by making a list of what you need and specific items you are going to buy during Black Friday shopping season. To help you stick to it and avoid in-store or online temptations create a budget you can spent.

Look beyond the price

The price you pay for a product is not the only thing that matters. Check the return policy and think long term warranty, delivery, installation, and additional services that come with a product or from a seller and can result in additional costs if they are not included.

Loyalty pays off

Many stores offer loyalty programs that can result in even lower prices, free delivery, extra points, free gifts, or many other rewards you can benefit from.

Skip the line by shopping online

Since it is still recommended to avoid crowded spaces and to avoid the lines caused by bargain seekers and restrictions, check if the sales are also going to be applicable when shopping online. If not, keep in mind, that Black Friday is followed by Cyber Monday which takes place online just three days later. That means you can also wait for 29th of November and do your purchases online then, but that the offers might not be the same and if you are looking for a popular item, it might be sold out by then.

Arrive early and come prepared

When it finally comes to Black Friday make sure you get the most out of it and that you get the product you want by arriving early. Also be prepared by wearing comfortable shoes and clothes and arriving with a car that will enable you to get bigger purchases home safely.